Chapter 4 The Rite of the Fae

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The evening was drawing quickly to an end and the Sorceress Debórah, my spiritual guide asked if I needed some time for myself before the 3 am Fae rite ceremony.  The carnivalesque atmosphere at the North Star Fairy College commons was due to all who had gathered from the lower levels of creation to witness the first transformation of a halfling into a Fae. That would be me!

Allfreyda, the healer, my fairy birth-mother found me walking in the woods alone. The Naissance Woods was an ethereal replica of the La Tiéne Abbey Forest; which shared the same space except in another dimension.   A winged Fae can travel between worlds through cosmic portals to the Naissene Fairy World.  Allfreyda said, “just as the La Tiéne Abbey’s forest has its parallel domain, other portals on Earth also exist.”  These portals create a balance in Earth’s energy field.  If too many portals are closed—Chaos may occur. Mother, I asked, “Is that why I was thrown from my shielded watercraft? So, the lower realms are not here just to see a halfling mutate! They are fearful of the powerful energy incursion in the portal! Is that it?”

With masterful détente, Allfryda said, “The lower realms who are attending this mornings’ Rite of the Fae were here to join the Crystalline Ascended Master’s at the conference. We gather in solidarity to protect the lower levels of creation.”

Allfreyda continued with,”Damage has occurred in the second level of creation among the Gnomes and Elves. There have been one death to a young Gnome.  The child drowned before he could be rescued. In the fourth level, the Unicorns have also sustained an injury ending in a fatality. A Unicorn mare has lost a colt while giving birth. Brace yourself . . . , the mare is Skomok Charly’s mate Iceni. I am very sorry to tell you this today of all days. There will be time to rest your mind during the metamorphosis. Mindfulness during this process will give way to trance, and trance will be followed by a very deep sleep.”

“How is Iceni, is her recovery coming along well,” I asked? Mother Fae answered, “Sadly, due to the breech birth, she bled profusely, and her womb disengaged. Iceni will not have any more children. Of course, Skomok is worried Iceni will suffer a greater depression once she awakens from her lethargic state. Skomok wants you to know they will take even greater joy in the twin yearlings they already have. Skomok sends his love, and should you need his service or any of the flying horses, they await your command.” “Oh Mother Fae,” I cried, “Life seems to be moving so fast, the ritual of transformation this morning, the mortal marriage, and now the uncertainty of the portal.” “Daughter Fae,” she exclaimed, “You are not just Fae, you have all the graces of humanity at your disposal, do not make light of your ability to serve both worlds as well as an ability to maintain your own well being! I will leave you now, you have some grieving to manage. The next time we share space; there will be a newly consecrated Fairy Circle before us. Lest I forget to mention it, remember to not fight the hibernation daughter, you need the deep sleep to recover from your altered self. I believe we also have a mortal marriage to prepare for. The  Duke’s entourage arrives in several days. The Abbess Katherina informs me that your father has been personally overseeing the negotiations.”

“Oh Mother Fae,” I cried, “Life seems to be moving so fast, the ritual of transformation this morning, the mortal marriage, and now the uncertainty of the portal.”

I place great importance on everything Allfreyda recommends. Mother Fae has lived many lives here on Earth and the Crystalline Planet. When I was a little girl in La Tiéne; a confused goblin came through an open portal, and Allfrydea was there immediately. It was as though she was experiencing my goblin encounter at the very exact moment I was. I have never felt alone. As I have grown older, other underworld creatures have overseen my safety. Even before Allfryda interceded and warded off the goblin; a beautiful Unicorn appeared in the forest manifesting out of thin air between the goblin and myself. This unicorn was Skomok-Charly and we have been a family ever since. The message today of his child’s death cut deep into my soul—and I mourned Skomok and Iceni’s inability to have more children. The Fae are interconnected to all the lower levels of creation.

A goblin came through an open portal! ((No Copyright infringement is intended – in other words the art work is not mine.))

Here on Earth mortals have always wondered about creation. It would be an oversimplification to say mortals are consumed with the enigma of creation and humanity’s role in it. The lower realms are but one facet of creation. Unlike the Fae, the mortal capacity to imagine is as vast as the Universe itself. A human mind is an amazing thinking mechanism. Fantastic as it is, mortals often chose to be incapable of comprehending the totality of the Universe. Each lower realm entity is schooled in only what they can integrate into their lives. This fact is why each underworld phylum respects each other’s unique contribution to the underworld and we protect one another.

The Universe was created to prepare billions of places where living creations could thrive. Within each human, the divine energy takes the form of a mind, spirit, and soul. The Crystallines suggest that humans were once orb-type diamond crystal heads like them floating in the Universe for eons until we had a place to settle.

Entities were transported in cylindrical tubes and touched down on the surface of the planets. Inside each tube were two bodies held tightly together like the wings inside a chrysalis of a butterfly’s cocoon. Tubes held a set of two bodies one male and one female. The Crystallines report that all entities sent to the planets were created in duality, as male and female soul mates; which reflects the notion of a Creator God having both masculine and feminine traits at the same time. In effect, a Mother God as well as a Father God.

Tubes held a set of two bodies one male and one female.((No Copyright infringement is intended – in other words the art work is not mine.)

The two soul mates once together now grew separately and would eventually feel inclined to merge back together at the climax of their individual evolvement. Evolvement could take many reincarnations on many different planets. You have only one soul mate that you came down to one of the planets with. Each individual evolves in their own time with their own free will. It is very rare indeed that two soul mates incarnate with their own soul mate at the same time. Oh, and what a Divine marriage that would be! Even so, a soul mate who is in another dimension or “the other side,” can more readily protect his/her soul mate if one is spirit and the other is “in the flesh.”

It was after the dark entities began to exert their ideas that the Creator God manifested other dimensions as life on these planets. As it became more challenging; because of the co-creation of evil and negativity— another reality was born. Another reality where white energy would have a sanctuary. Yet, there were other dimensions created specifically to protect other entities. My Fae family resides on the first level of the lower worlds, which is also the highest level assigned to Fairies, Nymphs, Sprites, and Devas.

Fairies and Sprites live in the woods, and glens; water nymphs are found in streams, lakes, and ponds, and devas are alive, living in trees and all living matter.

The second level of the lower realm is where Gnomes and Elves reside and give spiritual support to all earth’s plant life. Gnomes and Elves like to keep to themselves and try their best to be invisible. Gnomes are caretakers of the forests and earth’s minerals. Gnomes appear older and gruffer and are not particularly fond of animals or people. Elves are heavily invested in cultivating nature and usually dwell in mountains, and forests, and near streams.

Level three of the lower realms is where Giants and Dragons dwell. Dragons have great strength and have been known to transfer their strength to humans. Lesser Dragons exist primarily to promote lust and power to humans; however, the higher dragons can cure illness. In many colors, Dragons fly at the level of clouds and rarely come down to Earth’s lower atmosphere. Dragons once walked the earth with dinosaurs. Channeled spirit guides profess Dragons are Earth’s energy pools and protect the atmosphere humans breathe. Prior to life on Earth, the atmosphere was mostly nitrogen and carbon dioxide. As photosynthesizing organisms multiplied—carbon dioxide was replaced with oxygen.

Unicorns like Skomok Charlie and his mate Iceni manifest on the fourth level of the lower realms, along with Flying Horses (like Pegasus). Unicorns have been known to have magical powers and represent freedom and majestic beauty.

Centaurs, Cyclops, Goblins, and Sorcerers are strictly contained by Lilith, Queen of the Fairies on the fifth level of the lower realms. These are not the Witches, Warlocks, and Sorcerers of the positive Druid faith; who practice the ancient Wicca. Instead, they are darker human thought forms manifested into existence. Everything humankind can think into existence has a place in some reality. However, the entity itself cannot cross over into other dimensions because Lilith is the underworld gatekeeper.

The sixth and seventh levels of the lower realms are known as the “Mind Dump Areas.” Because these creations are on very low levels and cannot materialize. Not even in thoughtforms can they become real. Take the idea of a Bogeyman having claws, talons, and sharp teeth. Some are even described to have certain animal features such as horns, hooves, and bug-like appearances.

Alas, the time for the ritual nears and I walked to the formal Fae common’s arena where there was an ancient stone building, covered in vines and moss. There is no one present but the Sorceress Debórah and her daughter Kaylin. I was placed inside a Fairy circle with four unlit torches. The air smelled of burnt sage and juniper.

Allfreyda appeared out of thin air and was dressed in a sheer blouse and nothing else saying “Grizelda, remove all your clothing.” Unclad, I stood before my Fae Community. Mother and daughter Sorceresses were now completely undraped and in the state of Nature alone—began to chant.

I walked to the formal Fae commons arena where there was an ancient stone building, covered in vines and moss.

We gather here today on a journey of rebirth. We invite the lower realms in gratitude for our community of love and light.” As both witches lit the torch in the North quadrant of the circle they spoke to the North energy and asked that all present come in reverence for the power of nature to transform Earth’s human Fae.

As the women walked counter-clockwise, they acknowledged the Gatekeeper of the West and lit the torch. Deborah spoke with;

As we all breathe in the air of the forest we give gratitude for Nature and her many cycles. It is now the magical hour of 3 am, and our community of light calls out throughout the Universe to All and sends out loving energy! The Community of the Fae stands with Grizelda of the La Tiéne Forest on her birthing day.”

Allfreyda, Debórah, and Kaylin now paused to smile at me as I stood completely naked. Seeing my readiness, they began chanting to the Gatekeepers of the South to create a sacred space where no one could enter but nature’s winged garden creatures. The anticipation was growing, and my mother shed tears of joy as Kaylen, also a light bearer lit the Southern torch. There was a crackling electric charge in the air. I could feel it, I could reach out and touch it . . . so, I did! As I extended my right hand in front of me, a turquoise aura enveloped my hand up to the elbow; all the while a crackling electric charge tickled my skin.

Debórah: Both mother and daughter Sorceresses began to chant.

I then glanced over my bare shoulder and there was a multitude of orbs and witnesses from the lower realms gathered in the Fae commons. They represented all the phyla. As I looked around the woods, those present smiled and remained reverently silent. Through the corner of my eye, Skomok Charly raised his greyish-white Unicorn muzzle to let me know he was present. I heard him say, “I love you daughter of the Fae!” Deborah cut into my thoughts, respectfully cutting off Skomok’s message; and announced, ” You are to remain standing here in the center of the circle, in a moment the butterflies will arrive from the east. At that time, they will begin to create a moss-like covering over your entire body. I thought to myself about how my private area had been shaved. I have bathed in the Fae Shell with a water repellent hydrophobic coating; harvested from Agatu in the La Tiéne Forest. My head’s red flowing mane would not be affected. The air in the circle continued to crackle around all four of us!

Allfreyda then spoke, “After you are completely covered in moss, you will begin to feel a lightness of being as the chlorophyll from the moss alters your skin composition. This is just Nature cleansing you before you receive your new powers and of course your wings. The butterflies are an extension of your spiritual energy and they will conform to any position you take. Remember to breathe freely through the entire ritual.  The butterflies will pause to regenerate themselves before they spin a cocoon of silk around you. You will have plenty of oxygen to breathe from your chlorophyll layer of moss. You will know when the second phase begins, as your body will rise off the ground and begin to hang in mid-air. The silk-spinning will begin at your feet and proceed up your body until you are encased in a weightless silk cocoon. You will be attached to a branch in the tree above us with a silken cord.”

Allfryda: “The butterflies are an extension of your spiritual energy and they will conform to any position you take.”

Debórah then motioned, “See that branch hanging over our heads?” I nodded yes. Debórah continued with, “You will eventually become very sleepy. Please do not fight the sleep as your body is shutting down so it can redistribute energy into your new physique. This is your time to pray and ask the Universe to help you serve Fae and humankind for the higher good of all.”

Allfreyda then presented a small bottle and spoke, “Drink this so you will have no hunger or thirst, as this elixir will feed your body for the next three hours.” The green syrup smelled and tasted like the wheat fields of La Tiéne. Yes, and on closer inspection, it was wheatgrass!

The Sorceress Kaylin was a younger version of her mother; a replica cloned from the science gifted her by the Crystalline Ascended Masters. Kaylin walked over to the East torch and stood there with her head bowed down in reverence. When Kaylin was born, she sprouted from a crystal egg. The crystals from her egg were crafted into diamonds that adorn her Sorceress dress. As a baby, Kaylin grew very fast and caught up to my human age in 5 years. Kaylin and I attended the North Star Fairy College together. We dormed together, too! The daughter of the sorceress knows all about the Blackbird; and believes the Blackbird and I are probably soul mates trying to reunite ourselves. Kaylin will be attending my mortal wedding as a bride’s attendant. I am so happy she is here, adding the Fae Wing-making spells to her grimoire.

The Sorceress Kaylen was a younger version of her mother; a copy cloned from the science gifted her by the Crystalline Ascended Masters.

Debórah exclaimed, “In about 10 minutes you’re going to hear a great rushing sound as thousands of butterflies enter the Fairy circle. Do not fear. Welcome them in your mind’s eye, for they will hear you and proceed only when you will it to begin.”

Allfryda added, “You are in control of the energy, as the butterflies will respond accordingly in love and light. Debórah and Allfryda walked over to stand outside the east torch area next to Kaylin. In the state of nature— I was alone in the Fairy circle.

Allfryda continued with, “Tomorrow at 6 am we will detach you from the tree branch and place you on the altar inside the stone building. You will eventually awaken, and find yourself thirsty. It will be your wings expanding that causes you to wake from your sleep. It will be as if the wings have a mind of their own. You will be shocked at how much strength they have as they tear open your silk covering that has dried throughout the night.

In unison, Allfryda, Debórah, and Kaylin spoke at exactly the same time as if they were one entity, “Do you have any questions about what will happen to you in the next 3 hours?” I answered, ” No” to all three voices. Their voices continued as a distant echo, “WE hear them coming Grizelda! When they are All completely inside the circle, we will light the last torch and seal you and the butterflies into the sacred space!

The unison of echoing voices said, “To ease you into the ceremony you will hear a chorus of music. The sounds will become echoes as you drift into a different vibrating frequency. “

Then, it happened, it one fell swoop there a great rushing sound of the wind in the trees and I was covered in butterflies. I could see the torch being lit in the distance. It tickled at first, and then just as Debórah counseled, the butterflies adapted their touching of my skin so it did not tickle anymore. I was in control! Another phenomena within the Fairy Circle occurred; though it was the early morning hours, there was daylight around the tree and the circle!


I could hear the choral music in the distance. It was a beautiful Angelic sound. I felt very exceptional. I then recognized that the chorus was coming from La Tiéne Abbey. My stepmother, the Abbess Katharina von Zimmern, would have known how much I loved this Von Bingen composition. I was beginning my true life surrounded by the women and Fairie community who loved me. Overwhelmed by the power of the moment, I felt tears running down my cheeks. I then remembered that I was waterproof thanks to Agatu of la Tiéne Forest’s tree-sap, which was harvested to use as a hydrophobic coating. I laughed out loud, and the butterflies immediately stopped. Regaining my composure; and like bees in a hive, the butterflies began again, as industrious as before!

The first phase of the transformation took only 30 minutes. There was complete silence, and I began to levitate above the Fairy circle. I flapped my arms around  as if I was flying and enjoyed the feeling of weightlessness. Slowly flickering their tired wings, thousands of butterflies rested on the tree trunk. It was a magnificent spectacle, the tree trunk was alive in butterflies.

After about 20 minutes, a rustling sound announced they were ready, and the silk-spinning over the green moss began. I watched how a fine film of silk expanded over and over again until my feet were no longer visible when I looked down. My moss-covered arms were covered with silk; if I moved, the spinning immediately ceased. By the time the silken covering reached my shoulder, I realized that I was being wrapped up like a swaddled baby. Everything began to take on a more serious character. It was time for mindfulness, and asking the Universe for guidance in serving my Fairy and Human communities. I took one last look below and could only see butterflies. I closed my eyes and prepared to sleep. But I didn’t sleep, I just kept thinking about the Blackbird, and how we might be soul mates trying to reunite. As I drifted into a numbing slumber—I wondered if Blackbird would enter my dreams? Good fortune did not fall on this wish; there were no dreams inside the crystalis.

Instead, the next thing I recall was soreness in my lower back. No one mentioned the PAIN! No one mentioned the excruciating throbbing. When I stretched the lower part of the shoulder blade; there was a tearing sound of sorts. The Wings stretched out on their own, not obeying my will to stop them from moving! Holy Mother of God, it hurt! I was definitely not in control of these Wings. The tearing sound was not my back muscles but the Wings releasing us from the silken cocoon. I gasped for fresh air!  Out of the corner of my eye, the Wings were flapping back and forth uncontrollably . . . I was not in charge! I was at the mercy of the flapping Wings, and they hurt! Holy Heaven and Earth, these Wings are a Godless Fecker! Still recovering from my slumber, the Wings in all their power pulled me from the cocoon and lifted me up on the stone altar. Well yes, I did feel like a sacrificial offering!

I couldn’t move, I was still recovering from the slumber. I was thirsty, and I had the smell of dried wheatgrass on my lips. Even though the stream was several hundred feet away; I could hear the trickling stream as if were in front of me. Still in a dreamlike state; I imagined what it would be like to drink from the stream.

Holy Mary Mother of God!!! I was suddenly there, by the stream! One second I was in the stone building complaining about the excruciating back pain, and the next thing I knew I was next to the soothing stream. I reached out to cup water in my hand.  I was not in charge here! After more water, I cautiously inched my bare feet into the stream and felt renewed. I wanted desperately to immerse myself— how it would soothe the pain in my lower back. Taken by surprise again, I was lifted up and pulled from the water by the Wings. Still in a stupor, I began to realize the Wings had a preference of their own; and they were not going to cooperate. I mindfully acknowledged their reluctance and said, “Alright! Alright!, Holy Mary Mother of God!”

The Wings fluttered with thankfulness at the prospect of not being immersed in the stream. As the fluttering began to calm down— my thoughts turned to the chrysalis. I wanted to inspect the cocoon to see if anything remained of me inside it. I also wanted to climb back inside the cocoon and sleep some more. Somehow, I did not think the Wings were going to let that happen. I needed my clothes.

As my mind began to clear, I thought to focus on returning to the stone altar to rest some more. I felt exhausted, and I wondered where my family was! Slowly this time, I felt myself gently lifted up by the fluttering Wings, and I was flying through the air above the treetops to the stone building of the Fae commons. As I looked down at the Fairy circle below— the torches from the ceremony were still smoldering. The morning bird song had not yet begun; nonetheless, I sensed them nearby.

The Wings gently lowered my body next to the fractured cocoon. Next to the cocoon was my linen kirtle, my knife, a purse, and a beautifully crafted belt. A beautiful circlet of pearls was a gift from the Elves. I wished for a mirror to see my Wings! Yes, you guessed it, a mirror appeared!

As I strained to view my Wings, it occurred to me that they were similar in size to my Mother Fae’s Wings. I placed the Elfin circlet around my temple and felt very pretty! I felt renewed and sore at the same time. Even so, I am now a Fae with Wings!

I believe we also have a mortal marriage to prepare for. The  Duke’s entourage arrives in several days. The Abbess Katherina informs me that your father has been personally overseeing the negotiations.

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