A Naissene Fairy Journey Begins

Naissance is a village on the coast of the Crystal World, which shares the Fairy spirit plane with Wizards, Unicorns and Dragons.   I am Grizelda, and we, that is my Father and I live in both worlds. The world of humans in what is now 14th Century Helvetian/Switzerland and privately within the boundaries of the Energy world of the Crystallenes . Naissene Fairy World Copyright ©

We can all agree that Light and Love are needed by the Earth, and all the creatures who inhabit it.  Please join Griz and the Naissene Fairy World Subscribers at 3:00 PM (and/or 3:00 AM) Everyday—to say, “Let Divine Light Shine.”  Doing this we can increase Unity in this physical plane and help heal our most amazing planet Earth. 

Began Your FREE Exploration of the Naissene Fairy World!

My goal is to share the inexpensive and timeless ways Fairy Dioramas are created with you. Amazing fairy fun adventures are waiting for you. Treat yourself to our ongoing fairy stories of intrigue, danger, and romance.

Discover Your Unlimited Creative Fairy Diorama Skills

Meet different authors, characters, cultures, traditions and landscapes. Choose your next Naissene World Fairy destination with me, I’m Griz , I will take care of the rest!

Upcoming Stories and Fairy World Destinations

Like me , your most likely heading into another socially distant weekend. Here’s hoping you will not spend it all in front of your television? Instead, come read Chapter 1 about Grizelda, a ½ Fairy/1/2 Mortal , who introduces you to her parents. There is also music and historical travel interactive buttons throughout Grizelda’s introduction to the Naissene Fairy World! Are you missing something this Fall? https://niassenefairy.com/the-naissene-fairy-story/

The Apothecary
The entrance to the North Star Collge for Fairies!
The Fairy Costume Closet rests in midair above the Naissene Dance Studio.
The North Star Fairy College Dance and Art/Pottery Studio

What Fairy Folk Say

Vaud and Allfryda continue to be “Over the Moon” when in each others’ presence.  When standing in a room with just the two of them, the electricity is obvious for all to sense.  They retain a breathless spirit and seem to inhale the very energy encircling each other. When I am alone with Allfreyda and Papá, I feel the sensation that living in the mortal world is not altogether significant, and it is not the real world at all. 

The Naissene Fairy Story, Mary C. Wilson (WordPress, 2020)

Special Deals and Last-Minute Offers

Book a Naissene Fairy World Zoom one-on-one and learn how to build your own Fairy Dioramas at a great price! Recieve a Naissene Fairy World New Launch $10 Coupon. Must register by September 30, 2020.

1 hour Fairy Diorama Tutoring (Zoom) . . . . . $75

1 1/2 hour Group (2-3) Fairy Diorama Tutoring (Zoom). . . $150

Tutoring Packet includes Acrylic Paint, Gloss Sealant, 3 Brushes, Enhanced Cardboard Frame w/Windows, moss, flowers, 1-3 (3 inch) Fairy(s).

Does not include shipping.

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Share a last-minute Fairy Story and start packing for your memorable Fairy World Vacation.

NOTICE: We manifest inbetween the physical human world and the higher energy realms!

Please send your suggestions to name these creatures!

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The Wand Fairy also needs to be named.

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Who doesn’t like a great Fairy World Story?


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