Chapter 3 Blackbird


Blackbird began entering my waking dreams when I was but 5 years old. He was a shy and lonely boy with long silken golden curly hair and grey-blue eyes who had no name. He toddled into my dreams without shoes . . . always without shoes! As we grew older, his big bare feet grew, and grew, and grew! Blackbird’s chubby angelic toes were replaced over time with long gangly phalanges with toenails that always needed clipping. Once in a dream, he scratched my ankle with his big fat long toenails! I yelled in deep pain, as my ankle’s oozed dark red syrupy out of my broken skin. The boy quickly apologized realizing that I was vulnerable as I was half-human. Taking my knife from my belt, I quickly went about cutting those jagged toenails. Of course, the boy squirmed, but he knew it had to be done.

As he awoke the next morning in the mortal world, his nurse was surprised to see them clipped. With no memory of the night before, the boy could offer no explanation, and found no need to respond to her excitement over this or any other mysteries that occurred from his supposed “sleepwalking disorder.” La Sonnambula (Somnambulism)is tolerated in Swiss villages. The Abbess Katherina said with certainty that during the mystic Hildegard Von Bingen’s Medieval days, somnambulism was considered to be a religious veneration; a magical wonder to be the immediate consequence of Divine intervention. On the other hand, some thought it could also be the possible effects of diabolical or evil actions of one kind or another. Blackbird’s scissor-sharp toenails were diabolical and I still retain evil scars from that encounter!

The anxiety of my marrying the Blackbird is above all not so threatening or even frightening. There are unseen forces at work of which, I am only vaguely aware of. I have seen Blackbird in my dreams for as long as I can remember. As a spirit, the boy, now the man, has always radiated pure love. In other words, his presence in my visions was of white loving energy, rather than dark malevolence. In my conscious dreams of Blackbird, I have sensed violet misty shadows with a haunting desire of longing for his soul’s energy. Only bits and pieces of memory remain as this mysterious phantasm of sorts fades into the mist as I stir from my waking dreams.

As a spirit, the boy, now the man, has always radiated pure love. (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED – IN OTHER WORDS THE ART WORK IS NOT MINE.)

Of late, the boy now appears more often as a man with darker hair. Blackbird’s blonde curly baby locks have been replaced by a greasy dirty-brown mop of hair. Blackbird’s eyes are always hidden as he faces down, so I cannot sense his soul-energy. Yet, he is a man who bears a silver shield and white tunic with a dragon-like blackbird. I now call him the Blackbird. Blackbird is in my future and today I am seeking the Fae’s wisdom on how to proceed with love and light energy. Drawing a line between a half fairy―half human life, and the “new” normal of a hidden fairy life is a stark contrast to the life I have lived.

In the Roman Catholic Church, the spiritual relationship established between the sponsor, and the baptized, and the sponsors and the parents of the baptized, continues to be a necessity in order to fulfill the sacrament of marriage. My step-mother the Abbess Katherina has served to encourage my spiritual growth and she and the ever-present spirit of Mother Mary stand as examples of feminine wisdom. I am depending on their wisdom to guide me in my impending mortal marriage. If you hear an electric crackling sound in the distance, it is only my uncontrolled emotions vibrating―as part of me wants to escape the impending storm. The idea that my life is about to change forever means I have no choice but to move forward and meet the challenge of my coupling with a mortal.

The Fae at the North Star Fairy College in Naissene will design my wedding dress. Enshrouded in blessed spell work to protect my spiritual health and wellness. The fabric is woven from the threads of Atlantean silk. The silk cloth is rare and comes from inside the butterfly chrysalis found only in the undersea realms of what once was Atlantis. Atlantean butterflies work in concert with Fae to give up their discarded wombs in service to Lilith, the Fairy Queen of the lower realms. The Atlantean Butterflies are major contributors during the Rites of the Fae! During the ceremony Atlatean Butterflies cross over from another realm and weave a cocoon that covers the entire body of the Fae novitiate.

The Fae noviate stops eating one week before the ceremony, and hangs from the Great Tree and Atlantean Butterflys congregate to spin a first layer of green moss and then a second layer of silky mesh begins. The noviate is covered in a silk cocoon, which molts into a shiny chrysalis. Within this protective casing, the Fae radically transforms its body, eventually emerging as a winged Fairy.  My molting is greatly anticipated as I am half-human and you never know what the wings are going to look like. I understand many Gnomes, Elves, Devas, Sprites, Dwarfs, Witches, Wizards, Giants, Dragons, Unicorns, Flying Horses, and Dragons from the lower realms will attend. I will remain dormant in the chrysalis overnight until the morning light forces my new birth into a winged Fae. The silkin cocoon will be recycled into an enchanted gown, which increases the manifesting powers of a Fae. Each woven dress is unique and takes on the soul characteristics of it’s metamorphosing Fae! These characteristics determine the color and size of the wings. A Fae is transformed in this manner to serve her phyllum with unique powers and mutates as needed―adapting to the present needs of the Fae community. Red hair may become noticeably darker, hazel eyes may change to emerald green, skin color may change, and previous scars from injuries may vanish completely or become forever imprinted like tatoos!


Blackbird is to arrive next week, his caravan I am informed is planning to leave Ortberg for Basel at the beginning of August. With five days of travel, he would be here next week. Blackbird’s visit would be measured in formal protocol. Katherine instructed me to not encourage his advances. I was to be respectful but not discouraging. My fairy respectabilities favor a more normal conversation, with one’s own self-worth or academic abilities; and self-respect on full display. However, Katherina had warned me that a woman’s full confidence on display can scare the “Roman Catholic Devil’s hell” out of the toughest of men. On the other hand, my human respectabilities understand that it is necessary to play the game of romance. I will respect that a man’s needs to feel ‘manly’ and self-reliant, along with the notion of his personal sense of masculine pride. Even if Blackbird displayed an exaggerated masculinity; I would need to be respectful as this as a cultural characteristic. For Blackbird, the young knight, I understood that this event is about his ability as a man to provide for, protect, and defend a family. Blackbird’s visit to Castle Vaud, after all, was to test the waters, and inspect “at a distance,” the feminine chattel his wealthy family had already sanctioned. Blackbird wondered if this latest country cousin of lower nobility would serve his best interests and breed his sons to carry on the Orenburg line. Blackbird was warned that these lower royals in service to the Prince educated their women in the French style of Aquitaine― educated like monks in their hallowed Abbeys. Too much knowledge in a woman could interfere with the breeding of sons. Too much knowledge in a woman could make him a laughing-stock in royal circles. Yet, it was necessary to follow through on his obligation to provide an heir.

The Orenburg men of Blackbird’s household noted that this daughter of Duke Vaud; Grizelda with the red hair, would do as well as any other. If she had a brain, it could be useful. It was the red-haired girl’s intelligence that recommended her to his family as a choice breeding stock. On the other hand, the women of Blackbird’s household were renowned as socially prominent midwives, with interests in mystical theology, medicine, botany, natural history, music theory, and literature. The Orenburg women wore dark purple and scarlet red surcoats emblazoned with the black eagle to distinguish themselves as an elite royal family of church mystics. These women were called the Barnmorskar. The Helvetian word for midwives, which meant “with women.” Bourgot L’Obliere, Blackbird’s grandmother, had worked for the French queen as a midwife. This involvement with the queen was resultant of her outstanding reputation as a successful midwife. There were others in this Helvetian midwifery order. Asseline Alexandre was another member of the Barnmorskar and attended the births of the Duchess of Burgundy. The Barnmoskar was a level of female family scrutiny, that Grizelda would have to win over. As a member of the Orentberg dynasty, Grizelda would be expected to participate in the Barnmorskar.

Bourgot L’Obliere, Blackbird’s grandmother, had worked for the French queen as a midwife.(NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED – IN OTHER WORDS THE ART WORK IS NOT MINE.)

When Sister Aileen Frances, of La Tiéne Abbey, took her vows; she promised to live a life governed by the mission, vision, and charism of creating healing foods and the science of apothecary. Sister Aileen Frances prays to the devas of her garden and plants. I have seen her place a stick in the ground only to see it blooming in a few days. The Abbey of La Tiéne’s gardens are abundant in flowers, with vegetables that grow larger than the towns’ folk, and the healing herbs are the main source of income for the Abbey. Another of my mentors is Glorymarie, the Deva that inhabits the Great Oak trees in the La Tiéne Forest.

I know the Devas as “nature spirits.” Devas are very willing to help people if you let them. Devas are all about the notion of just “being;” whereas, humans are all about the notion of just ” doing.” The Deva Glorymarie, who’s is very kind, a perfectionist, realistic, witty, blunt, tends to overthink things, and is a total bad-ass. Yes, those words define the female Deva, Glorymarie. Fairies, sprites, nymphs, and devas remain environmental sustainers of life; loving the homeland as a living entity. Just as we are very loving to the land, we are also very caring toward people, and we protect children and animals. Although the Catholic Bible, Genesis 2:15 commands humans to care for God’s creation, this idea is in complete contrast to local patriarchal governance, where we our taught that the human world is composed of inanimate environmental resources ordained by God for man’s sole benefit―free to sacredly exploit in the name of God! Lilith the ruler of the lowest realms of creation also protects the Earth’s natural world. Lilith is a very advanced being and her personhood is manifested to govern the lower levels of creation. I have never encountered Lilith. Lilith vibrates at a higher frequency than I do. I wonder at times if she might disapprove of a half Fairy―half mortal stirring up mischief in her domain? From all accounts, she has a feminine form with deep blue-grey eyes and copper skin. Lilith radiates a Liseran purple energy, and her ears are elfin, and her hair flows from her head in a deep indigo blue. By imagining through her third eye; the Liseran purple energy is a strong reddish-purple that is bluer, lighter, and stronger than average fuchsia purple and redder and paler than a purple orchid or phlox purple, which allows her to sense the most important facts about a situation and the effects of that situation on other things. Although her feminine energy rules the lower levels, it cannot be implied that only feminine energy exists to oversee the lower levels of creation― as male energy is also present in the universe. There are also levels of the lower world, where Gnomes, Elves, Giants, Dragons, Unicorns, Flying horses, Centaurs, Cyclops, Goblins and Sorceress dwell. Lastly, within the lower realm is a separate place where the lower mind energy manifests fearsome dark things, like devils, monsters, and the like.

Lilith is a very advanced being and her personhood is manifested to govern the lower levels of creation.(NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED – IN OTHER WORDS THE ART WORK IS NOT MINE.)

Alas, I am here, I am safe, I am surfacing, and the vibrating fades into the turquoise water’s abyss. Propelled from out of thin air to guide me through the mist and on to a shrine of the Goddess Magna Mater an elegantly fingered hand of the sorceress Debórah shoots forth. Debórah has lived many lives on the Crystal planet and on Earth. Unlike the Crystalline masters, Debórah is not limited to the earth plane as she works in concert with Lilith to police the lower levels of creation. She was my pretend friend when I was a toddler. As I grew, I began to understand that she was my spirit guardian, who is always with me. When I would speak to Debórah as a child, my human caretakers would dismiss her as my “pretend” playmate. In reality, she is a very powerful sorceress who has taught me the art of making. Debórah has a silvery blonde mane that flows wildly from under her silver elfin crown. I met the blue sorceress when I was very young, and she has followed my life in both worlds. Unlike the elves, unicorns, centaurs, etc. she doesn’t fade out of existence. She is in command of her spirit form. Debórah calls to me with, ”Hail halfling, your mother is readying the Crystallines as she has been preparing to stand surety for your Rite of the Fae.I have never seen her more eager to have you sanctioned as a healer.” My fairy-birth mother, Allfryda has been preparing for this day since before I was born. Before I was a twinkle in my father’s eye. I mentioned tremor in the energy field as Debórah and I walked swiftly to the North Star College entrance; she dismissed the suggestion, then with a cautious undertone, said, “Yes, we all felt the altered energy, and the Ascended Masters have already ordered high-level talks with the Crystalline.


The Council of Elders has called for a conference immediately after your ceremony beneath the great tree; as it will be consecrated ground following your ceremony. Gathering up her hair into a bun with a golden hairpin, encrusted with amethyst, Debórah the Blue Sorceress of the lower realms, proclaimed,“ Your mother is in a conference with the Crystallines and has asked me to dress you for the ceremony. Your gown of a thousand silk threads will be exquisite, and your wings will have a luminosity of the highest order. Mortals will never be able to see them. The Sorceress bluntly mentioned. “ You have been schooled in how to ask the wings to detach themselves in times of mating . . . haven’t you? “ I uneasily motioned an affirmative nod, and she laughed teasingly. Debórah’s gaze fell away to the river for the slightest moment . . . in deeper thought . . . barely visible in the instant it occurred Deborah’s thoughts betrayed her. Grizelda was astonished she could pick up the Blue Sorceress’s thoughts, “Grizelda, my little halfling. . . you will be able to enter the mortal world free from punishment or pain. We have come a long way my little mortal oblate.” An oblate was a girl given in childhood to a convent or nunnery by parents, to be schooled as a novitiate. Debórah’s hidden thoughts continued with, “Yes, my fairy witch, you were hidden in full sight so as not to be discovered by the Bishop, who would burn you to a crisp for the sheer enjoyment of inflicting pain on a vulnerable women-child. Even for a child, there would be no grace or a Catholic God’s mercy for an exposed heretic child.” Debórah’s facial expression gave way to the realization that her thoughts may have been overheard. “Hurry, halfling we must bathe you in fresh moon water. Away with you to the Shells of Cleansing. Immediately! I will lay out your ceremonial gown, and I have a special gift for you to wear after the ceremony. “ The Bishop of Vaud is known to have a dark past cloaked in secrecy. Some believe he practices the darker side of the Rosicrucian Arts. The Bishop wears the signet ring of a hierophant. It was not uncommon for a messenger to prove that he was the official representative of the Bishop, by bringing his message stamped with an impression from his master’s ring or the signet itself. I didn’t realize how powerful the Bishop was, to inspire fear on the lips of a great sorceress like Debórah, second only to Lilith of the underworld, herself. I can see that there are many things I am a novice at. Surely, I could learn more about the character of the Bishop from the Abbess of La Tiéne, Katharina von Zimmern?

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