Chapter 2 The Violet Flame

This use of spiritual energy is one of the causes behind the discipline of miracles, and a unique spiritual solution for all the levels of creation in time and space. (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED – IN OTHER WORDS THE ART WORK IS NOT MINE.)

The North Star Fairy College teachings include the knowledge of the violet flame; which remained a secret fairy teaching in the spiritual or etheric retreats of the Fairy sisterhood.   I am Grizelda, and I am known in both worlds. Grizelda means “she knows.”  The world of humans in the 15th Century names my homeland Switzer-land and locally within the boundaries of the Naissene Fairy World, it is known as Helvetia.

Living in the mortal village of La Tiéne, my Helvetian (Swiss) father and I live in a great house.  As I stretched my aching arms over my head, the light filtered through the thick window panes and I thought about how hard I worked in the field yesterday.  Hastily, I donned my basic linen undergarment, which I wear night and day.  I  lifted my loosely fitting kirtal over my smock; which has been patched together from pieces of woolen and linen fabric—we waste nothing.  With difficulty, I attempted to latch my old leather belt and almost gave up.  My leather belt was fashioned by my Papá my 11th birthday, and seven years later the leather strap is too small.  Clearly, in need of replacement, I have ordered several from the village tanner. My Papá employs the tanner to make our shoes and clothes, and of course harness, saddlery, and armor for the men at arms and knights like my Papá.  Yet, how would I attach my purse and knife, my work tools of the day?   On colder Autumn days like today, I used an additional sleeveless surcoat of wool with side openings that made it easier to grab my tools during my busy workday.  My ill-fitting leg hose is a necessary evil with cloth cut on the diagonal to offer a bit of stretch.  Alas, they were still sloppy, but an essential layer of protection over my legs; helps to guard against cuts and abrasions in the woods and near the hearth when cooking.  Yes, I am a very good cook!

For centuries, Helvetian farmers (and elderly Crusade Knights) like my Papá, the Duke of Vaud, have used a shoulder yoke as a practical tool to make carrying heavy loads easier. Made from a poplar tree,  my yoke is smaller and rests smoothly across my neck and shoulders, preventing my muscles from injury.  After filling up two buckets of water this morning, I  returned to the river to shrink down into my fairy-like self. 

As was my routine, I would ask for a suitable leaf from the age-old oak tree that lives in the courtyard of the Abby of St. Felix in La Tiéne.  Agatu is a phenomenal wonder of nature and has witnessed over 500 years of local Helvetian history.  A mighty arm of this great old tree draws away from the trunk in a most abnormal posture for an oak tree. Such a blightful maiming was due to “oak wilt” early in Agatu’s life.  The fungus had slowly entered his veins, as it grew it began to produce a gummy substance that prevented water from being absorbed into the oak’s trunk. The Fae manifested ultraviolet light which made the trunk water-absorbing again.   The droplets flattened into a smooth film and soaked into the oak tree.  However, within seven day’s in the dark, the blight could become water repellent again.  The Fae bargained with Agatu and the other oak trees of La Tiéne Forest to provide “ultraviolet treatments” in return for some of the zinc oxide gummy substance that stops water droplets from sticking together to make gelatin delights. The gummy substance is known to be ‘super-hydrophobic’ or ‘very water-fearing’.  Hydrophobic coatings help to keep things water-repellent – for example by helping rainwater to run off a Fairies clothing and wings!  “Agatu would have succumbed had it not been for the Devas and the Fae’s elimination of the “water-fearing” blight.  A grateful Agatu always provided me with his best leaves for my miniature Fae watercraft. With my sunburned hands, I would anchor the leaf near the river’s edge.  Although I was not to receive my wings until after today’s initiation into the Fae rites of passage,  I use a spell to shrink down to size, board the oak leaf watercraft,  and lazily float away. Biological spells allow fairies to affect the organic tissue of a living organism by changing the state of an entity and its natural processes.  My fairy watercraft’s course was due north; where I would float downstream to the Naissene fairy village.


 No longer a child, I  have reached the age  of “avoir ses règles (menstruation);” and being the apple of my father’s eye―I would honor his wishes, which meant I would marry soon. I will cherish these last days of independence. As I paddled into the spirit world, I came upon the Violet Fires of  Naissance; which now shone brightly on the horizon, and I knew I was near my fairy homeland.  But like no home mortals could imagine. I am only half-human as my mother Allfryda, the healer, has long held allegiance as a Lightbearer to the fairy world of the Violet Flame. 

The Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy. It corresponds to the high frequency of violet light and those who have chosen to develop their spiritual sight manifest a beautiful violet aura. It is the merged spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation.  A universal science of creative alchemy. This use of spiritual energy is one of the causes behind the discipline of miracles, and a unique spiritual solution for all the levels of creation in time and space.  According to Ormuse, the Chrystalline Guardian assigned to the Fairy realm, “it is the curative potion of the ancients.”  The Crystallis have long professed how to accelerate spiritual development on many planets and worlds tucked among the many planes of existence.  Some humans experience the secret energy, and some know of it as the power of a Christian God’s grace to change hearts and the world around them. This secret wisdom combines traditional knowledge from Kabbalah, Hermeticism, alchemy, and Christian mysticism.  It has not been shared with anyone for many long ages. 

At the North Star Fairy College; we are taught these ancient insights about nature’s herbs, the physical universe, and the spiritual realm.  For example, Helichrysum Oil, an herbal concoction,  prevents signs of aging and is referred to as an “Immortalle Oil,” because of its ability to stop human skin from aging.  The word Helichyrsum recommends a reverence the ancients had for this plant; Helios, Greek for Sun, and Chrysos for Gold. I  was taught to harvest the plant on the sunny hillsides of Helvetia. It is so common that many villagers think it is a weed and have passed it by without notice.

The 12th century and our present 15th century remain as doorways between different spiritual ages.  Towards an age of awakening: Crystallenes help the Fae prepare the earth for entrance into a new spiritual era where peace, enlightenment, and freedom become more possible.  To the monks of my parish, this idea is similar to the Holy Book of Revelation; as when the Seventh Angel teaches us our souls can reach a higher realm of existence.  Indeed, there is a new vibration to be experienced and its song resonates to a musical sound with spiritual energy the mortal world rarely if at all experiences.  The Fairy College’s teachings entail the instruction of how to accelerate your spiritual path with the violet transmuting flame and Universal affirmations. During these first revelations about the Violet Flame, I was indoctrinated to understand how the purity of the Christian teachings of love and respect for all creation had become adulterated by some of the patriarchal Hierarchs of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.  Historically, the Orthodox Church had Its roots in patriarchal societies, which oftentimes obscure the dignity of women as co-creators. Yet, it is not the true vision of the Catholic Church; so rather than seeing the woman as secondary or inferior to man, she should be seen as part of him. 

Fairies help to educate human Lightbearers― to claim their rightful spiritual destiny and make up for lost opportunities a harsh patriarchal presence has circumvented to detract from the true purpose of the violet flame.  As I began the use of the violet flame it became more valuable to me and to all my family than the wealth, the gold, and the jewels of this Helvetian world.  Guided by the Chrystallenes, the universal goal is to create a spiritual and cultural movement in balance with nature.  This science-based movement began as an esoteric mandate, a universal reformation occurring within all the realms of creation.  Naissance is a village on the coast of the Crystal World and shares the Fairy spirit plane with Nymphs, Sprites, and Devas

The Arisen Masters of the Crystalline world of the Violet Flame are from off-planet and they appear to float in the air―unhampered by gravitational energies.  When the Chrystallines first arrived in the Fairy Realm, they appeared to us as crystal diamond-headed wizards with spherical bodies of tightly packed moss-covered earth. Eventually, their spherical earthen bodies transitioned into the Fairy Realm, and only the brilliant diamond faceted head remained.  The Crystalline have been known to appear from atop a fountain of water amid the Naissene tidal pools. Their dutiful role is for cultivating life-force among spirit worlds to strengthen the Violet intense spiritual energy that can deliver fast positive change. Earth they herald; is but a schoolroom where mortals learn to take responsibility for their own positive or negative energy.   

Within the fairy realm, the Chrystallenes instruct Fae that waves are composed of energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion. The river is like all things in nature, it is never truly still. As I observe from inside this oak leaf, the swells vibrate differently as we pass through into a different level of being. I am puzzled on this journey as I have never quite encountered this degree of “tilting,” back and forth. Such heightened vibrations in the energy field have only occurred in a recent tremor the Fae felt when the  Mounts of Cantal of mid-western France threatened to erupt.  On the Mount of Canal, there is a Mauriac commune. Built on the slope of a volcanic hill, Catholic nuns produce famous Cantal cheese at the old Abbey. I guess I am hungrier than I thought, my belly growls with hunger.  Once in Naissene, I will ask Mother to manifest some of that glorious cheese. My mouth waters at the very thought of such cheese held together on Valais rye bread. No meal of Cantal can be adequately savored without the taste of Fairy hippocras, which includes a magical herb found only in the Naissene Fairy World, which increases psychic awareness. Too much hippocras, and you will vision into other worlds for days. But that’s another story, for another day. 

Today, my journey has become a challenge as a violent tremor continues to rock my fairy watercraft to͞o ən ˈfrō; and I am thrown violently out of my leafy watercraft into the waters of the tidal pool.   It began with a wildly unanticipated piercing magnetic electric bolt crackling in the air above me. Normally, my oak watercraft can withstand all energetic bursts, as I am enclosed within a strong violent aura of protection. Thus, such a tremor in the energy field; must have been the impact of a volcano or such. Regardless, the vibration in the energy field, which connects all things, has been violently quavered.  It would have to be of cataclysmic strength to disrupt the violet energy field.  It is a mystery!  Surely, the Naissene Fae will know what has happened in the energy field to cause such a turbulent impact.

Completely drenched, I pulled my long wet red mane from my face and grabbed the leaf’s strong petiole, which had once attached the leaf to the stem, and I climbed back into my vessel. As I grabbed the oak leaf’s vein, I noticed the magnetic pulsing had begun to fade.  As the Naissene River calmed and I ruminated over the cause of such a tremor.

A  pulsing of this magnitude can create black holes, which can swallow up and threaten flora and fauna, along with fairy and human life. I now see smoother waves on the horizon between the Naissance River and the glowing lavender portal of the Fairy realm. All too soon, and counter to the vortex’s main current— my passage would come upon a deepening fen, and down, down, down I would go into the eddy.  This will enter the vortex. This circular motion of the water surrounding my watercraft can produce a small vortex of energy.  Gripping each side of the leaf’s edge, like a caterpillar enclosed in a chrysalis, I enclose myself in the leaf completely so the cerulean waves cannot toss me from my cocoon until I complete my travel. Often, as is the case today, I have to calm the ego self, where fear can inhibit the mind; thus, the letting go of all things human and becoming in my mind’s eye as serene and as rhythmic as the cerulean waves I sail on.  The additional winds blow across the top of the river, and my leaf is gently propelled forward on its final leg of the journey―downstream.  


My North Star College studies included environmental knowing about how waves are most commonly caused by the wind. The wind skimming over the waves on top of the water creates friction between wind and surface water. As the wind blows across the surface of the Naissance River, the continuous disturbance creates a wave crest. These waves can be formidable as they become tides or, in other words, tidal waves. It is possible to subvert this motion through incantations, which are used as a focusing tool to manipulate the energy field.  “Glace solidar . . .  Glace solidar . . . Glace solidar . . . ,”  I use this elemental knowledge to “quiet” the tides.    “Bulla . . . Bulla . . . Bulla . . , “I exclaimed in reverent thought; creating a bubble-like boundary spell to localize a protective zone. By creating my own energy bubble I can now continue my travel from the mortal world of man to the lower energy fields where many things “imagined” exist.  To use the expression “to imagine” is to limit understanding; as it implies that something is not co-created.  I am born to the Fae, and I know who I am as a co-creator of the energy field that surrounds all things in the universe.  I am responsible for my thoughts as everything comes from consciousness. Yet, as a novice Fae I am aware there are parts of my consciousness I have only begun to tap into.  My thoughts support my beliefs. Thus, to simply say imagine, is to limit the systemic exploration of the unconscious and the multidimensional exchanges that bridge dialogues between the psyche of a Fae and mortal, the mythologies of a culture, and their collective imagination.  

As I lie here in my watercraft drifting steadily towards Naissene; I am reminded that the majority of humankind has yet to embrace the realization that imagination is only a word, and it does not exist in such a limited form. What does exist is the capability of the human mind’s private sphere; which can bring forth an image, and then this image may then take form as matter or pure energy.  Once the mind is unleashed, the energy that flows all through and around us can bring forth a memory.  Thoughts have energy. When Universal energy is very strongly expressed in a belief: that fluid form can manifest into a real thing. For to tend the soul in this manner on Earth, is fulfill your life’s journey in the Universe.

From La Tiéne Abbey to the world of the Fae; this is how I “imagine” my travel in miniature, floating along on this small oak leaf watercraft. Thoughts can serve humanity and they can also harm humanity. I believe mortals are responsible for their thoughts. If thoughts are things; I must hold myself accountable for my thoughts, you can’t have it two ways.

There are several different dimensions that exist in God’s creation. What mortals call Earth is but one dimension.  Another dimension is what others call heaven or what I call ”the other place.”  We are small specks of energy, like tiny sand grains in the vastness of the known Universe. The Creator “God,” helps us to understand the Universe by having Ascended Masters and other entities teach us a kind of Universal science-based language.  At the North Star Fairy College, Chystallene instructors summarize this universal science;  as we integrate the knowledge our classwork attempts to simplify the lessons for our brains to grasp the scope of the universal plan.

First and foremost, there is no such thing as time. That is, star systems manifest and then they burn out or become supernovas; this is a constant exchange in God’s unlimited time. Difficult as it may be for earthlings to comprehend, everything we know as earth happens simultaneously, where the past, present, and future are all one and the same. I am speaking to you now from the 15th Century of Helvetia/Switzerland.  I am permitted through the development of my yet limited psychic skills to travel through the Universe and participate in my past and future. Alas, I must prepare myself for today’s graduation from the Naissene Fairy College. These sopping wet clothes and my dripping wet hair will need a lot of fairy magic.

 As these Naissene Fairy World chronicles unfold, I will take you on a journey through the seven lower levels of creation. There is much to tell. The Christallenes teach us that knowledge of the Universe can set our thoughts free. We are responsible for our thoughts as everything comes from consciousness. Their goal is to bring earthlings closer to being Co-Creators with “God,” where everything has a purpose and a place.

Similarly, at the Catholic Abbey of La Tiéne, mortals use prayer to set miracles free. Positive thinking helps us to have healthier mortal bodies and be more creative and productive.  Through lessons learned in some of my past lives and living in other worlds, I have developed some of my manifesting abilities. However, like all developing skills, I have learned from my mistakes.

At first, I would freely inform mortals about my visions of knowing when something was going to happen in my immediate future.  I found that humans would readily discount the notion of a day-dream―and it would not manifest. I learned over time that I need to silence myself and not share this thought with mortals.  My stepmother, Katharina von Zimmern, the Abbess of La Tiéne―said there is power in the silence of creating what you want in life.  Katharina, like many in the church, spoke in repetitious riddles. I often wondered if they understood the actual meaning of what they proclaimed. Why do we Roman Catholic’s pray ‘repetitious prayer’ like the Rosary when Jesus says not to pray ‘vain repetitions’ in Matthew 6:7? So much of what is taught in the church is repetition. 

At first, I did not truly understand the meaning of Katherina’s words about how there is  “power in the silence of creating.”  It was only when Allfreyda, the Healer, my Fairy-mother explained that “when you share with people, you have scattered the energy to others. It is possible that unbelievers, those not privy to the power of the Violet Flame, can then manifest subconscious doubt; and all that energy-work you began has been trounced out of existence. Thoughts, the Fairy Healer pronounced have Power!


That is why the Helvetian Abbeys have had such renowned female scholars like Hildegard von Bingen. Not that she was a fairy; but that she understood the power of Christen prayers to manifest her mind’s images into reality. And what magnificent images were manifested into Bigen’s reality.   Did you know she was a revered mystic from the Bockelheim on the Nahe?  Hildegard’s parents were Mechtild of Merxheim-Nahet and Hildebert of Bermersheim, of a family of the free lower nobility.  Hildegard was the tenth child of a German count who had been a Knight in the service of Meginhard of Sponheim.  As a minor, this medieval noble family sent their intuitive daughter Hildegard to become a nun in the Benedictine monastery at the Disibodenberg, in the Palatinate Forest.  Hildegard was also a writer, musician, philosopher and naturalist. My favorite Hildegard Von Bingen quote includes, “Woman may be made from man, but no man can be made without a woman.”

Hildegard had visions, and there was one waking dream in particular she shared only within her inner family’s pagan circle.  Bingen’s visions included the future marriage of her male descendant to a female mystic with hazel eyes, who would radiate a violet light off her person.  Von Bingen’s  Nahet- Bermersheim family of knights were mandated to seek out this now mythical woman, as this future mystic would give birth to children who would bring light into a dark world.  Over the decades, the religious quest to identify, then protect the female who glowed in violet light; was known to Hildegard Von Bingen’s great-grandchildren only as a mere myth. Yet, there would be one knight, a man who bears a silver shield with a dragon-like blackbird. A knight whose future path would include an encounter with this age-old violet myth―in the flesh of a mortal―in the spirit of a fairy! 

A man who bears a silver shield with a dragon-like blackbird. (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED – IN OTHER WORDS THE ART WORK IS NOT MINE.)

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