Enchantment for Pandemic Fatigue

The Faery Art by Brian Froud All Rights are owned by Brian Froud No Copyright infringement is intended – in other words not mine.

Alas, there is a lot in my Pandemic day-to-day routine that remains on a back burner. Enchantment is not one of them! So if you love Enchantment try these four movies that remind us that all is not visible to the human eye. Three are free to watch on Youtube! If you want to really use all your senses and experience Enchantment, consider the unseen. I think the Creator, my name for the energy that guides us and surrounds all living and spiritual beings; wants us to look to our feelings, intuition, and trust our instincts! So, Look To The Invisible! I hope you enjoy this journey into enchantment and forget about the pandemic for awhile!

I don’t believe I have OCD;  a tendency towards excessive orderliness, and perfectionism. Naaah! I can leave a tea bag on its dainty china plate for hours . . . for days; if I am completely immersed in writing Chapter 2 The Naissene Fairy Story: The Violet Flame (Available 9/5/2020). However, I am a Capricorn, so I pay great attention to detail. Meanwhile, here are four movies that will take you on a mystical journey where you will experience Enchantment! Where you will be challenged to seriously consider the notion of the unseen!


OK, first on the movie tasting Enchantment menu is the1945 The Enchanted Cottage movie. However, you may have to order out as the only place I found the movie was at a Video Rental Store (In Tucson, Casa Video <http://www.casavideo.com/>). Here are two The Enchanted Cottage movie trailers. I can only recommend the 1945 version. I did see the 2016 version available for rental on YouTube. Oh yes, lest we forget; The Enchanted Cottage was also a 1945 (with the same actors, Dorothy Maguire and Robert Young) radio production and you can listen to it in its entirety on youtube below! Just a quick note . . . in the 1945 radio version you travel back in time three years after World War II started, the context of a war-torn era is reflected in quaint LUX soap commercials. And last but not least: The Enchanted Cottage was a silent film! I have included it below also.

Second on the list, is a 1948 movie called Portrait of Jennie; which is a mystical love story that transcends time and takes you on a journey to New York Central Park and Cape Cod. The love story is between an artist and his beloved muse. Love challenges more than one of the characters to believe in love’s magic. This film is available FREE on YouTube. Get the popcorn . . . Watch now, and be Enchanted!

Ok, next tasting on the Enchantment menu is A Rumor of Angels. Oh Yeah! This is the best when it comes to living with beautiful real-world synchronicities! Here is the Movie FREE on YouTube! Also, as a teaser here is an A Rumor of Angels exceptional movie trailer. This is an exceptional movie of what happens when human beings experience the divine, and it is a true story. “The story is based upon the 1918 novel Thy Son Liveth: Messages From a Soldier to His Mother by Grace Duffie Boylan. Although the novel tells the story of what a mother learned from her son about death after he dies in a French battlefield during World War I, the movie is set in the latter part of the 20th century.”

Read here for more FILM IN REVIEW; ‘A Rumor of Angels’: https://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/01/movies/film-in-review-a-rumor-of-angels.html

Lastly, this is my all-time staple for mystical love that transcends time: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir! Unfortunately, it is no longer FREE on YouTube. Here is the BBC radio version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZROPb73ee_QYou can also rent it on Youtube if a larger screen is preferred. You are going to need more Popcorn and snacks!

I hope you enjoy this journey into enchantment and forget about the pandemic for awhile! I know I will, after all, I still need to view the 2016 version of The Enchanted Cottage! This version incorporates the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers as its background context. Where were you on 9/11? I had just returned from Washington, DC, where I was a USEPA/OPPT/ Tribal News Visiting Editor. So, it tugs at my heartstrings, as many who I worked with during the internship were evacuated as the third plane hit the Pentagon. I waited impatiently to hear they were safe . . . that they were alive.

Here’s to living a life in gratitude, thankful for enchantment, and the many other gifts being thankful offer us.

Mary “Cathy” Wilson

Did you know I’m actually a living, breathing person on the other side of these web, facebook, and email pages, one who wants to help people use their powerful imagination and explore their individual creativity? If you’ve got a quick question I can answer, don’t hesitate to hit reply anytime.

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