Chapter 1 The Naissene Fairy Story

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Chapter One: Our Naissene Family History

This introduction to the Naissene World includes a “cosmic religion” of sorts; where “God does not play dice.” The Naissene World view doesn’t celebrate chaos and randomness.  So, instead, all observed and unobserved are part of nature. Some mortals would call this magic. I call it home!

While attending the North Star Fairy College, student fairies are required to take the equivalent of Physical Science 101, which deals with the behavior of matter and energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles/waves. With this basic understanding that all in the universe; including the past, present and future remain interconnected; I will begin at the very beginning, which is a romantic place to start.

I am Grizelda, I am by birth, both Fairy and Mortal. Yes, I have wings. Yes, I can fly.

I am born to a fairy mother, and all her ménage, and a mortal father who remains to this day, bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the fairy magic. Let’s set the mood by listening to this song while you continue reading. Let the Fairy Dust Fly!

Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

Naissene is a village on the coast of the Crystal World, and shares the Fairy spirit plane with the forest of the Abby of St. Felix in La Téne, now Zurich.  My Father and I are residents of both worlds.  The ancient Romans named these homelands  Helvetia/Switzerland.

There were many minor crusades in the 14th century, undertaken by individual kings or knights. My father is the Baron Vaud, of Basel.  Being a religious medieval knight, he took monastic vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience . . . to which he added a fourth vow, which bound him to protect pilgrims and fight the infidels. My father is in service to Charles IV, of Switzerland’s ancient Hapsburg lineage. The people of greater Basel had purchased most of the privileges from the Bishop of Sion. The town of Basel was run by its city council and was dominated by the city’s medieval guilds. In Valais, the Bishop of Sion, being allied with the House of Savoy; made peace with the seven surrounding medieval communities by the order of Charles IV. The union of my father to the House of Hapsburg meant there would be peace for the next decade; and backed by the Bishop of Sion’s political power and influence. My step-mother, Katharina von Zimmern, was a Hapsburg princess, and after my father betrayed her with my fairy-mother, she became the Abbess of St. Felix, at the Fraumünster in La Téne.

The family story goes that my father; upon returning from the Battle of Nicopolis decided to bathe in a pond. The Battle of Nicopolis, (Sept. 25, 1396), was a catastrophic Ottoman military defeat for Christian knights. Failing with others to halt the Turkish expansion into the Venetian Territory of central Europe, he returned home dejected. Tired and worn out, he stopped to bathe near the waterfalls outside of the Abbey. Demoralized over the failed crusade, he took solace in the soothing waters of the pond. As he took his last plunge underneath the water’s surface; he looked to the surface water, and when he opened his eyes he saw a blurred glowing violet light moving along the bank of the pond. While reaching for his clothes, he noticed the same glowing violet light in the distance. The Bishop had warned the young monk, Vaud, that these woods were enchanted, and he wore his catholic rosary around his neck at all times. Armed with a Monk’s faith in a Christian God, he hurriedly clothed himself. Vaud was puzzled, and sauntered over to investigate the mysterious happenings of the violet light. He came upon a fairy circle of mushrooms, and on entering into the middle of the sphere he encountered a hooded woman with large hazel almond-shaped eyes, that transfixed his gaze. Spellbound, and unable to move, he heard her say, “I’ve been waiting for you Vaud, it is time.” Her voice had a familiar happy, sweet-sounding cadence. Yet, it was strong and commanding, just like a man.

Startled at first, he noticed that her lips, which were the color of pink roses, never parted. Dazzled momentarily, he gathered his wits and wondered if had he really heard her at all? Or, had he only imagined the lilting voice in his head. He looked deeper into the wooded glen behind her to see if there was someone else speaking. But it was just the two of them. He definitely knew she had spoken. The longer he gazed into her hazel eyes, the swifter his fear of the unknown diminished. There was such calmness and peacefulness in her presence. He was a scholarly monk, and new that Lilting is a form of traditional singing common in the  Celtic speaking areas of Ireland and Scotland. Perhaps, while en route on a pilgrimage to the Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the woman, a pilgrim, separated from her caravan. It was when she stood up and daringly countered his gaze, that her robe fell from her shoulders, revealing her large gossamer wings gleaming in the violet light. Was it a dream? How could this event be happening to him of all people. When she vanished into thin air, he recoiled in horror. He looked to the ground inside the fairy circle and all that remained was her robe, which faded slowly into the violet light, then vanished altogether. Quickly making the sign of the cross to bless himself; he heard the same lilting voice say, “That will not protect you mortal!”

He returned for seven days to the pond at three hours after midnight. As he was leaving on the last night, she appeared to him again. For many nights, he visited her. The days turned into weeks, then into months. He learned that there were other worlds and beings sharing the same space if not the same moment in time with mortals. The fairy’s name was Allfryda, and she explained that his waking up at 3:00 am for seven days was a mystical sign that she was connected to Vaud on a universal level. Waking up at the same time every night was a sign that she wanted to talk to him. The 3:00 am time is a spiritual fairy interval, where spiritual activities are in high vibration. In other words, his psychic ability to travel into her world was a sign that his “God” considered him worthy to be a part of a spiritual fairy journey.  Her name was Allfryda, with reddish-brown hair, and large almond hazel eyes, and she was a counselor and a kinswoman of a very powerful ménage (fairy clan).

They shared their time in the innocent wonder of one another, and their love grew. So powerful was their passion for each other, that I was conceived. I was born of love. And this love remains for all time. A love conceived in between the world of Fairies and Mortals. The mystical power of their enchanted love story is a most important life-lesson for all.

Once upon a time, in Zurich, Switzerland there was the Fraumünster, an Abbey, where from the 13th Century through the Reformation, women wielded important social and political power.  One of these, was Katharina von Zimmern (1478-1547 CE). Katherina was my step-mother, who was barren. Katharina’s marriage to Vaud was a political contract and as partners they are an important link in the social hierarchy system of medieval Helvetia. Katharina carefully protected the knowledge of my ½ Fairy ½  mortal birth.

It was Katherina who sanctioned the love affair between my father and my mother, the fairy healer, Allfryda.  Now, many years later, I am aware of the mystery that love can transcend time and space.  True romance as they experienced it was a space for being whole, that is, the energy surrounding such a love interconnects with everything spiritual and emotional around them.  For my mortal father, it answered his human need for magic, better known as adventure, the quest for meaning in his life, and for the mortal need to connect to another spiritual being.  I am a novice to love’s worldly ways.

I have observed that the Abbess Katherina and my fairy-mother, Allfreyda, both agree that many who fall in love; lack the knowledge to remain there. You can still remain deluded and infatuated if you have the emotional skills to prolong the magic over time and space: because “God does not play dice.”   Love is a part of the observed and unobserved, and part of nature.  Vaud and Allfryda continue to be “Over the Moon” when in each others’ presence.  When standing in a room with just the two of them, the electricity is obvious for all to sense.  They retain a breathless spirit and seem to inhale the very energy encircling each other. When I am alone with Allfreyda and Papá, I feel the sensation that living in the mortal world is not altogether significant, and it is not the real world at all. 

I have concluded that the Abbess Katherina had the depth of understanding to recognize that my parents entered into a pack to live lives of deep spiritual love. It is there, in love’s realm; entered that night by the Abbey’s pond where both traveled to a magical place, where love lives forever. I have concluded that this realm of love occurs in another dimension, a magical space where enchantment means sharing the astral world of another. Vaud and Allfryda share for all time, the Naissene Fairy World.

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