Chapter 5 Accouplement Frénétique: (Frenzied Coupling)


My newly birthed wings expanded once again and gently set me down on the altar in the old stone ruin of the Naissene Fairy College commons.  I reached out to look at the chrysalis I had metamorphosed in and found an other-worldly device stuck to the silk inner lining. It was shaped like a small metal cylinder about 16 millimeters in length.  There was a numerical script on the cylinder. The Latin-algebraic numerical text N925 is encrypted on the cylinder. It was magnificent, a miniature metallic-like cylinder of such exquisite silver filigree craftsmanship. What was it and where did it come from? Here was yet another question for the Ascended Masters. I believe the disturbance in the vortex had yielded yet more undiscovered mysteries. I placed the cylinder in the pocket of my kirtle. It would remain hidden underneath my surcoat until I could ask the Crystalliness about it.

Still nude, and damp from the brief dip in the babbling brook, I cautiously raised the silken under-sheath over my head. The sheath adapted to my skin’s wet surface and sheltered the wings. As I raised my green kirtle over my head, I heard an echo of two voices and leaves rustling underfoot; and coming from the entrance to the ancient Druid building. I sensed more than voices now, it was the undeniable scent of humans. It was the unmistakable sensation of human chemistry, the highly charged testosterone energy of a male, and the equally intoxicating heaviness of female estrogen and progesterone energies. Human sexual reproduction was about to occur, here and now! Beyond ordinary sight, I visioned in my mind’s eye how the female’s ovaries, adrenal glands, and placenta kept their own pace: producing the hormone progesterone. I could see, or was it sense the progesterone levels increasing by the second, increasing ovulation? If the goal of the humans was reproduction there would be an eventual heightened hormonal overflow of reproductive energy and ovulation would occur. These knowings are a new set of acquired third eye sensings that enhanced my remedial knowledge of a woman’s ovaries and adrenal glands as the main producers of sex hormones. I was using more than the five senses. It took more of my energy to reach this 4th Dimensional level of awareness, and I was left momentarily reeling. Lightheaded, I remembered to breathe slowly through my nose, and out my mouth to manage my own anxiety.

Clutching hands and very much in the throes of lust, and the reproductive process; I observed their eyes pooling in carnality as they languidly absorbed one another’s sexual energy— as though they would never see each other again. At least that is what my new heightened sensing revealed. There was more here. I was witnessing some sort of ending, a farewell of sorts, and yet; the male and female never wanted this place and time to end. There was something very sad about this coupling on the stone steps of the entrance to the La Tiene Forest ruins.

Walking with purpose, the female let her braided hair fall down her back. The female’s hair was as golden-brown as her eyes. A blue hooded silk cape rustled as he drew her to him. The hood fell away to reveal her entire face and within seconds an entire uncovered shoulder was exposed. There was no resistance by the female or male to the coupling, and this response was not the first time their arms had lustily enveloped each other. There was an obvious comfortable familiarity between them. Enraptured, the soul-energy of the two humans had become one atmosphere, and their joined auras became a rainbow of colors. I was witnessing the auric residual manifestation of changing colors in their ongoing release of emotions. Reading their combined auras, I was struck with the knowledge of a mutual feeling of heightened bluish confidence as the humans wanted to bathe in the sight of each other’s yet undraped bodies. The couples desperate shared togetherness advanced to a healthy color-wash balance; with a mix of varying blue-greens, and yellow-red hues. Using only his eyes, the male invited her to do things in reddish hues, she understood his thoughts and moved around the lower part of his torso and helped him undrape. However, the pace of the physical mating lagged behind the pacing alchemy of their reproductive organs. And the then touching started all over again! I noted this type of impeded coupling was in error and “missing the mark” altogether. The distance between the human sex organs was growing further and further apart. At this slow pace, the reproductive timing could be missed altogether. Suddenly, and without warning, their mouths met buoyantly, and her thin wet lips parted before he met them with his own. It was comical how they came together at first. It was as if they sought to feel one another’s faces, from the inside-out . . . with the tongue . . . how very odd! Finally, with chivalric dignity pushed aside; the unclothing phase of the copulation continued at a harried pace in mostly shades of burnt-orange pigmented lustiness, and underscored with softer coral sensations of thoughtfulness and consideration. With an instinctual knowingness; I had the ability to understand the emotional colors of these humans. My human intuition was now enhanced as my empath skills combined instinct and perception and I was able to read their thoughts.

This I believe was mortal lovemaking as noted in the chivalrous Aliéonor of ‘Aquitaine’ poetry. Shielded slightly from my view by the male’s chain mail hood, was the well-grounded, energetic, and strong-willed aura of coral-auberne. The red-colored male energy invited the yellowish female energy to be creative, relaxed, and friendly and beckoned her to do things, touch places, and experience new things with him. The couple did not speak these notions, they psychically knew what the other was thinking. As the male guided her hands about him; a pallet of lime and chartreuse hues glowed about them, which announced feelings of nurturing and the male’s desire to communicate his assurance to the female; as she was obviously apprehensive, and felt at risk. The removal of his chain mail helmet provided for their full-mouthed embrace; which was succeeded by the joyous tears that began to roll down both cheeks of the female. In a futile attempt to misunderstand her crying, he kissed her tears in a chartreuse color that represented a kind and loving heart. Instinctively, in shades of coral happiness came thoughtful and considerate sensations and he found himself licking them with his tongue. Empathically, I knew this attempt to soothe her anxiety would succeed. It was the female who opened her teary eyes and placed her hands upon his chain mailed shoulders. The coat of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh— would be difficult to navigate during copulation . . . I mused? As he looked up to meet her gaze, her sadness lessened in gentle indigo pigments, Gentle sapphire and ultramarine surrounded the outline of her face, which now inspired sensations of curiosity and spirituality. In a pleading pursuit to bring pleasure to both of them; the stringy-haired male was mercifully released from his chain maile and pulled her to him in passionate colors of bright ruby and vermillion. All at once, the couple became engulfed in an explosion of rainbow energy. Just as suddenly, my vision of them suddenly faded into the lavender mist. Oh No! Not now! I would never know the ending to this exciting human series of reproductive events? I will never know whether the act of conception occurred! I felt cheated that my concentration was unskilled, and could not navigate the connection between the Náissene Fairy World and the current late medieval century. Thus, I was limited in my first scientific observation of an Inter-body coupling in electro-quasistatic human body communication. I realized this newly enhanced fairy-sense was a skill yet to be developed. In this current observation, I would label La Tiene Inter-body coupling; and I would consider this information as an interrupted time series and examine the cathartic effect of this reproductive event with other human couplings.

Alas, in the adjacent stone round with the old druid altar was my writing tablet; a tool I kept close at all times. I began to log my field observations about how I was able to see auric colors, especially around a human’s head. I was determined to study auric colors as each auric color had a very specific meaning. I would be able to detect if someone was lying. I could actually “hear” the early formation of the thoughts long before human’s spoke them. Moreover, there was another question for my list of discussions with the Chrystallines about the skillful capabilities of “empathy” as a reconnaissance tool.

Human aura colors.

The human coupling-vision had not taken place in the Náissene Fairy World; but in the mortal parallel dimension of La Tiene Forest. Surely, the spirit residents of the forest; the deva Gloriamarie, or the old oak Agatu would know more about these humans. Tomorrow, I would return to the mortal world and query the forest spirits about them. Marshaling these newly acquired intuitive powers with purpose was going to be a slow and steady discovery. My human-fairy anatomy altered, I now felt a great responsibility to exercise great decorum and understand the changes occurring within my human intuition. I seemed to know things, I seemed to intuitively react to things I did not know would occur. The instant flight to the river, with the heightened hearing of a loud babbling brook to soothe the back pain my unfurled fairy wings leveled on my body. These sensations were examples of what I could expect in the near future.

I did remember one thing about the amorous female; there was a gold key insignia on her kirtle, as though she belonged to a guild of sorts. The female had a noble countenance, with the recognizable intelligence of a learned monk. I also sensed the female was no lower-royal. I liked the forthrightness of the woman. I liked the manner in which she showed such confidence in the arms of her beloved. Clearly, she was a co-conspirator; in control and capable of managing a sperm to fertilize her egg. I will always wonder if human conception took place. After copulation, it could take from three minutes to five days to fertilize her egg. Not to mention, another ten days for the fertilized egg to attach to the uterine wall—which means it can happen anywhere from five to ten days after coupling.

I noted, it was the female’s decision to initiate the lovemaking and not his. The male was made adrift in passion and remained unrelentingly spellbound. I wondered if their passion was heightened because they were so sad, or was their sadness a result of some kind of mutual previously endured loss? It was a bewildering moment in between worlds for all three of us! This amorous doting between the sexes would need to be investigated further! Perhaps these mortals would return, and I could learn more from them. I will ask my stepmother, the Abbess Katherine and the fairy-healer, Allfreyda, about the mortal propensity to conjure these bewildering and chemically-altering passions in the human brain and body. I jotted down the observation in the clay wax tablet and closed the seal.

Later, I handed the metallic tubular device to the Crystallines; they laughed with delight and noted that I had been very busy time-traveling in the chrysalis. Apparently, there was nothing to be so concerned with as there had been other anomalies since yesterday’s disturbance in the Náissene River vortex. The Chrystalines informed me that the device is a futuristic form of ink-filled writing device. Apparently, I had visited a future lifetime. A future life where the use of a “Pen,” as the Chrystalines noted was a necessity. They explained that the numerical symbols on the pen referenced the minute width of the ink’s release on the surface area of parchment. The stored ink was propelled through to the tip of the hand-held device by the gravitational pull of the earth. The writing implement could only be seen by entities in the spiritual plane of the Fae. The pen had not been invented yet, so it would not be visible to mortals. I was warned that the use of such a device might be seen as a means of witchcraft in the mortal world. For the appearance of ink on paper would be visible, and would appear as out of nowhere. In the words of the Crystalline, ” Witchcraft in the current human world was defined more in the imagination of fear, than in any objective reality.” 

Rather than a medieval nib, the pen has a small ball bearing that carries the ink to the parchment. This ball bearing can be made from brass, or some other alchemy of mixed metals. As the ink-covered ball skips across the parchment, it forces the ink from the cartridge, and the flow of ink remains unimpeded; a consistent ink line is rendered. The explanation of the pen’s engineering was a marvel to behold. Time travel was to be something I would become more conscious of.

The mandatory second-star (last molting) purpose of my fairy initiation unfolded. The weight of the reveal was almost more than I could fathom; for it was just as other-worldly as the science of the pen I now clutched in my kirtle’s pocket. My wings continued forming; the exoskeletal covering molted once last time, which was a means of increasing their strength. The dry layers fell to the floor around me, and were retrieved by attendants from the lower realms; Salmumin Flaskjaw, the dwarf, Hylonome Snaanbag, the gnome, and Cael Raer, the elf. The Crystalline court’s representatives were also in attendance; consisting of Armida, wife of the noble centaur Cyllarus, and the Sorceress, Desdemona, and two Wizards, Atlantes, and Bellamy. Such was the Náissene Council of Seven, who worked closely with the Chrystallines on and off-planet. To my delightful surprise, both Skomok-Charly and his unicorn wife were present and stood next to Alfreyda, and Deborah.

The Crystalline meeting entailed eight hours of presentations by the Náissene Fairy College Masters. When one Chrystallene Master spoke, the communication was a telepathic summary from all the Master’s shared thoughts. At any given time, there was an amalgamation of one solitary expression; a synopsis of syntax, point of view, and tone—flowing in a singular voice. The first hours facilitated the testing of my new empathetic powers and gave me time to regenerate. Desdemona, the Sorceress was given the directive to explain the empath’s ability to read color as an emotion. “There were 22 auric colors with their own unique meanings. In time, I would learn to read the “energies” or “feelings” that surrounded humans. There are basically twelve auric colors, with seven of the colors relating to specific energies points on the human body. The differing shades of these primary colors like the coral and greenish-blue I noted at the La Tiene human coupling were an example of the twenty-two hues a human aura can create. By understanding each color and the different shades that exist between them you will master reading the human aura. ”

The Picture Artists are unknown. No Copyright infringement is intended – in other words not mine.

From behind Atlantes stepped the Wizard Bellamy, who clearly used devices to seek his knowledge of current mortal history. With a wave of his left hand, there appeared a crystal sphere. Bellamy continued with, “There are a great number of local villagers who are a part of dynasties that are members of the Holy Roman Empire. Swiss cantons have had many rulers from the House of Savoy, and the present Kingdom of Burgundy dynasty. This diverse mix of communities has thwarted the birth of a Swiss centralized government with a monarchical central authority.”

As Bellamy withdrew his sphere, the voice of Atlantis floated synchronously in the air with “There are only two energies that drive mortals in your world: love and fear. For today, and only today, the Chrystalline’s chose to appear s crystal orbs floating above the Naissene River inlet. The Crystalline pronounced, “When you are dealing with mortals: you will need to use your enhanced fairy-human psychic skills to decide whether human goals are based in love . . . . or in fear. In the present lifetime, a fear-based Duke Charles the Bold will conceive to combine his territories into a ‘Third Kingdom of Burgundy,’ placing himself as an independent King. At Trier, Charles will try to persuade Emperor Frederick III to crown him king

Your first challenge in the mortal world is to thwart the Duke of Burgundy’s plans, and fulfill the Swiss destiny and make sure the ceremony will not take place. Unknowingly, the emperor shall be aided by a Druid underground movement and flee sometime during a night in September; as Frederick III will eventually become displeased with the Duke’s narcissistic ventures. The Crystalline goal is for the duchy to eventually become an independent country. The hated and narcissistic Charles will be a catalyst that sets the serfs, guilds, and barons on a march to freedom from colonial oppression. The rebellion shall escalate; and the outcome will be determined in a battle at a place called Nancy, the capital of the Duchy of Lorraine. Eventually, the region of Vaud, the Pays de Vaud’s (country of) with its close proximity to Geneva, would develop similar political histories, common language, and somewhat of a similar Protestantism. This meant that this region stretching from Lake Neuchâtel in the north, where it borders Lake Geneva  in the south, was eventually to be forever linked to Geneva and its Reformation.

“Grizelda,” the Chrystaline all-knowing voice continued, “Your mission is to circumvent the birth of a centralized Switzerland. This act will have important futuristic implications and seal the fate of a historic and neutral Swiss realm that promotes peace in the mortal world for all time. Your mixture of human and fairy skills will continue to develop and change into something completely unique. Your time-transcending skill and other yet-to-be-discovered intuitive gifts must be approached with caution. The altering of your ½ Fae- ½ Mortal body composition has been pre-destined; as your capabilities were foreseen long before you were conceived in the La Tiene Forest . . . sixteen-years ago.”

The Chrstaline’s continued with, “Current Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian; Kabalistic Judaism; Sufism; have spiritual teachers who describe unique paths and psychic practices that a mortal could follow to achieve the soul’s health, happiness, and peace of mind. Consider that all these practices involve quieting the mind—- rather than adhering to a prescribed religious belief. These meditative teachings promote the notion that; IF: a human learns to quiet the mind of the mortal He, She, Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Transexual, Bisexual, Allied/Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer, THEN: one is likely to encounter psychic experiences or perceptions. For example, in your recent way to transcendence you experienced all sorts of amazing visions, such as the ability to see into the distant violet mists of La Tiene Forest, or into the 21st Century, where the use of a “Pen” is as common as your stylus use on your tablet. Just as importantly, is the skill to diagnose illness; and how to cure human dis-ease, which is the chosen path of your medieval contemporaries like Hildegard Von Bingen and the your Fairy mother, Alfreyda. However we advise caution, DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO THESE PSYCHIC ABILITIES: as they are mere phenomena, and they can be stumbling blocks on your true path to enlightenment. In this Chrystaline revelation of the mysteries, I became privy to Crystalline research. The Crystalline described an acquired abundance of laboratory evidence; which yielded an understanding of remarkable “miracles,” and their implications for medieval and renaissance mortal mental health.

Of all that I had learned on this Rite of the Fae; the instruction on the human “soul,” is the most important. The ‘Voice” continued, “Human’s are a soulful society. Up to this point in your education, you have been taught that a Christian “soul” is a non-physical part of the human which lives on after the death of the mortal body; which also has an afterlife. The soul of the mortal has many attached values. To truly understand the soul is an effort in multiplicity. Therefore, a multiple understanding of soul is not and an either/or proposition; but the requirement of an expansion of oneself. Values attached to the soul are indeed multiple, and it requires you to live in ambiguity. That is, mortals, gain “soul,” or “soulfulness,” through loss and suffering. The collection of emotionally challenging experiences and their acquired values over time never come to just a single point. These value-learning points are to be experienced by holding to the life-knowledge of a multiplicity of life lessons and the synchronous events they manifest. We challenge you halfling— to gain soul— by living with an ambiguous understanding of the world you live in. By doing so, you will create your own understanding of equality of living for all creatures.

Currently, a Chrystalline longitudinal study had observed the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th Century and now set forth to document the ending of Western Europe’s Medieval period; and a temporary conclusion of political, social, and economic decline. The pause in the spread of plagues, will increase trade, and promote the expansion of educational institutions, where women will (covertly) continue to engage in the scientific academy.

Alfreyda entered the conversation with all the sympathetic power of a kinswoman and spoke, “You are to consider carefully that this is a choice, and you have the mortal power of free will. There will be no demands made on you that you do not wish to manifest ‘of your own free will.’ Your strict allegiance to the building of a Swiss confederacy with a direct democratic style must be a vital personal commitment to the Universe and Earth’s human community. On the other hand, you can still aide your countryfolk no matter what degree of participation you decide. As previously mentioned, the route chosen by Hildegard von Bingen; as a celebrated female scholar is also open to you. You can promote the rights of women, and the notion that females are more than mere chattel within a Holy Roman patriarchal society.”

Bingen’s remarkable contribution to peace in the mortal world was accomplished covertly, cloaked in religious-mysticism; with the stealthful aide of the Druid underground forces. The Sorceress, Deborah entered the presentation noting “Your intuitive gifts will continue to serve you well whatever you decide to do in this lifetime. What you learn in this life will be recorded in your cell memory for all time; and will act to serve you in future lives along with your “pen,” which you are clutching so hard in your pocket. Consider the tightness by which your fingers are committed to clutching the pen as a symbolic nod to the absolute commitment needed to build a neutral political force for good! Alfreyda paused, looking up to the heavens, then to the Naissene Council of Seven, she ended her speech with, “Regardless of your choice, the evolving path of dedication and allegiance to a Swiss indigenous tradition of direct democracy will . . . in the Latin, Évolvere . . . “unroll.” Your intended marriage to the royal house of Hapsburg can be a vital part of this Fae de Paix (Fae plan for peace).

No sooner had the words ‘marriage,” rolled of Deborah’s tongue— that a magnificent iridescent gown attaches itself to my body, with the same form-fitting characteristics as the chrysalis. You will need to float the gown in the Naissene waters in order for the dress fibers to imprint your shape into their memory. This is important Griselda, as they will manage to hide your wings from mortals during your upcoming nuptials. When you wear this Fae style of dress, the silken fibers do not allow your thoughts to be read by humans who are psychic or empathic. Not even the Baron’s ‘darker’ Rosicrucian practitioners will be able to read your thoughts. The Crystalline noted that at this time in human history—the Baron followed a combination of Gnosticism and Hermeticism. Accordingly, the “Rose and Cross” path of salvation is through knowledge of alchemy, astrology, and invoking gods and spirits, or what Catholics (so-) called ‘Black Magic.’ While many underground Rosicrucians focused on the transmutation of human character; the Baron’s main interest was in how alchemists played a part in the making of gold. During the Crusades, European alchemists and Knights Templar became scholars in ancient Arab wisdom.

All my clothing would now include Kei thread or cloth. I lifted the dresses hem and walked cautiously into the depths of the Naissance River. As I swam, I felt the tingling of energy as my dress adapted to its new and forever possessor.

I tossed my head back and floated on the surface of the cool Naissene waters. I wondered if this mornings mortal accouplement frénétique lovemaking had fostered a heir to the House of Geneva?

The responsibility of becoming a Duchess within the House of Hapsburg invaded my thoughts. The Hapsburg dynasty was a fairly new and upcoming political dynasty. Not as esteemed as my house, but politically important nonetheless. The dress had a name, ” Kei” (フェアリー系), and loosely translated it meant “fairy-style . . . The frantic manner by which the silken fabric hastily fitted itself to my nude form reminded me of the human frenzied coupling I had witnessed in the violet mist portal of La Tiene Abby. I tossed my head back and floated on the surface of the water. “You must submerge your entire body Griselda!,” my Godmother directed. My thoughts traveled elsewhere as I relaxed in the cool Naissene waters. I arched my shoulders and my wings fluttered in the water. I had to wonder if this morning’s accouplement frénétique lovemaking had fostered a soul quickening, perhaps even an heir to the House of Geneva? I would quiz Agatu, the oak tree in La Tiene Forest, as I am sure he would have heard of the clandestine mortal sexe à l’extérieur (sex outside). Agatu was, after all, a guardian of the forest; and master voyeur of the La Tiene Forest. However, that was tomorrow . . . all I wanted to do now was to float lazily with no cares in the world. I would return to La Tiene, where time would catch up to me, and every spent moment would be in preparation for a Hapsburg Wedding betrothal dinner—- only a week from today ( aujourd’hui en huit). Only a week left of my old life and it would be forever treasured!

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