Creating Fairy Folk/Thrift Store


Buying fairy folk for Fairy Dioramas from Michael’s, Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby can really get expensive; at about $10 each, even if your using 40% off coupons! I have found that going to thrift stores and treasure hunting for miniatures can be a great way to create a unique fairy world: customized to reflect your interests. Let me explain.

I went on a search and found miniatures, and as I looked at what was on the shelves I noticed three specific miniatures that revolved around a theme: books and reading!

I found a badger sitting comfortably in an oversized chair, reading a paper, a turleneck sweater bear reading a book, a mother bear reading to her son. I also found a picture frame with a book motif! These were found all at the same time! Total cost was $4.00!

DIY Thrift Store Finds
DIY Fairy Dioramas Book Theme

I wanted to adapt them to fairy-status with fairy wings. The wings are from butterfly wings I have collected over time from Michael’s. I used 2 wings in 2 sizes. See picture below and notice size!

Collected butterflys from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby!

Here they are fully adapted to Fairy status as I have cut both wings in 1/2 , creating 4 sets of miniature wings for Mom & Son bears, Turltle neck sweater bear, and the Badger.

Fairy Badger cost $2.00 at thrift store!

DIY Fairy Miniature Thrift Store Treasure Hunt!

Fairy reading bear $1.00
Fairy Mother &Fairy Son reading on book cost $1.00 at thrift store!

My next fairy diorama will be a North Star Fairy College Library. Here is the link as I began a step by step instructions to building the library. Please be patient, I will update with photograph and video steps on the Naissene Fairy World Diorama Instruction page and DIY Fairy Diorama Naissene World Youtube site! Whew! “Let The Fairy Dust Fly!

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