Fairy Dusting: Beyond Vision-based Living


During Graduate School at the University of Arizona, I interned in Washington, D.C., at the USEPA/Office of Toxics, Pesticides, and Prevention as a Tribal Liaison and Visiting Editor. The internship increased my critical thinking skills, and I became a more well-rounded writer. Visioned-based living for justice on the U.S./Mexico border (Click Here for my brother Michael S. Wilson activism story) has been a family endeavor!

Ana Antone, Felix Antone, Mary Cathleen Wilson, Tohono O’odham tribal members from Cehia Vaxia, Sonora, Mexico and the Tohono O’odham Nation , Arizona,U.S. Left-to-Right (Opening of the NMAI, Washington, D.C. Capital Building, September 2006) (Photo by Bernard Squieros)

One of the reasons my USEPA Internship was fulfilling and challenged my writing skills; was due to a unique writer who was my boss-mentor, Mary Carla Lauterbach. Mary is an environmentalist, who supports socially progressive activities. Mary and I have remained friends all these years, and we are even travel-buddies! I dedicate this page to Mary, who is now retired and has a book/screenplay that has been sidelined somewhat. Mary noted that the ability to stick to some decisions, like making your bed every morning, is fairly simple and easy. However, other decisions like finishing her screen-play draft have been more difficult as the once-in-a-century Covid-19 Pandemic and other household do’s-and-dont’s have “gotten in the way!” Staying on track with writing a book/screenplay is no minor feat!

Mary C. Lauterbach did find time to write this very timely article about how people come together in difficult times for the Bay Weekly with a “beautiful tale that takes place during a very difficult time in our history and I believe is one of the most beautiful holiday times of the year.

For those writers, like Mary who could use a little enthusiastic boost right about now; I am recommending Mary Morrissey’s How to Stick to Your Decisions, No Matter What Thank You my dear friend and travel buddy Mary C. Lauterbach for all the early mentoring you have given me over the years! I hope these resources helps the rest of you writers, too!

Morrissey offers a simple, 5-step formula that will help you stick to your decisions, regardless of which circumstances come your way, watch today’s video!

Regardless of whether procrastination has been an obstacle to achieving some of the activities you want to manifest; know this, if you just keep breathing one-luxurious-breath at a time, you will eventually cultivate the human capacity to create positive results in your life!

As per Morrissey, “The question is, what kind of results would you love? What kind of results are you committed to creating?”

You can start now with these 5 steps. Here is the accompnying video!

Lastly, I find vision boards are very helpful and prompt me to visualize my intentions for the targeted mindset I want cultivate. I am including How to PROPERLY Make a Vision Board (I’ve had 3 Come True!) by Lily Singh. You’re going to love this Video! Lily is one of my heroes, I have been her subscriber since she was just an unknown comedienne You-tuber! You will find her ABSOLUTELY INSPIRATIONAL!

I am Thankful for all you writers, and sunscribers, and I encourage you to forward this Fairy Dusting: Beyond Vision-based Living blog to your friends who may be needing a little Fairy Visioning Dust as the New Year begins!

Did you know I’m actually a living, breathing person on the other side of these web, facebook, and email pages, one who wants to help people use their powerful imagination and explore their individual creativity? If you’ve got a quick question I can answer, don’t hesitate to hit reply anytime.

Mary “Cathy” Wilson

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