Listen to the Raindrops: Shaken Democracy Relief

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Therapies for pandemic anxiety relief are more important now―than ever! Let’s all utilize healthy ways to process our thoughts regarding the insane January 6th’s U.S. Capitol terrorist attacks on our homeland.

Regardless of what political loyalty you have; let’s come together and calm the waters by beginning with ourselves. I am sharing the following wellness recommendations to promote healthier psyches as we move forward into 2021.

Calm App download! Calm invites you to do nothing for 15 seconds of peace and listening to the falling rain. Download the app for free at the App Store or Google Play.Oct 14, 2019. After you listen to the falling rain, download the App for future use!

What you can do to become calmer by Jennifer Shannon, LMFT.

No Copyright infringement is intended – in other words not mine.

Here are two things that Jennifer Shannon recommends when feeling anxious:

  1. Feel the feelings instead of reacting to them. When we are able to make room for feeling anxious and use simple tools like breathing into the discomfort without trying to get rid of it, we eventually calm down.
  2. Learn to tolerate uncertainty. The truth is, very little in life is certain, and it is our ability to tolerate this uncertainty that allows us to live life more fully. If we spend our life trying to be certain about things, the only thing for certain is that we will have wasted a lot of our time and energy trying for the impossible.

As Shannon suggests, “By practicing these two strategies, we take control of our lives instead of allowing fear to control us. We are better able to access the more evolved part of our brains, and we will be far more effective in our strategies to reduce mass shootings and terrorism.”

Jennifer Shannon, LMFT, is the cofounder of the Santa Rosa Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Helping Children With Terrorism Worries

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For information on how to communicate with children about terrorism and how to help them manage their fears, here are a few resources to check out:

For those of you who have the time to grab a cup of Jo or soothing tea; here is an 11 min read . Don’t forget to turn on the relaxing rain and flute music above while you read!

Understanding Terrorism

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“Psychologists are amassing more concrete data on the factors that lead some people to terrorism—and using those insights to develop ways to thwart it,” By Tori DeAngelis November 2009, Vol 40, No. 10.
fear, worry, concerns about terrorism

No Copyright infringement is intended – in other words not mine.

I hope this quick calming resource information will serve to bring some comfort to those of you who need a little tranquillizing right about now!

I believe in the power of mindfulness. We can all agree that Light and Love are needed by the Earth, and all the creatures who inhabit it.  Please join Griz and the Naissene Fairy World Subscribers at 3:00 PM (and/or 3:00 AM) Everyday—to say, “Let Divine Light Shine.”  Doing this we can increase Unity in this world and help heal our most amazing planet Earth.

Love and Light,

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