Year’s End Wrap-Up


Dear Naissene Fairy World Family,

As we turn the page on 2020, Sonora the Hound, Aristotle the Cat, and I; would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Here at The Naissene Fairy World, I want to express my gratitude for those of you who have stopped by in 2020— especially our subscribers. You have placed your trust in me to bring you interesting Fairy Imaginings throughout this most challenging year!

To say the least, many of us have been transformed, I know I have—working remotely from my home. The Naissene Fairy World has reached around the world to viewers in Ireland, China, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Thailand, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico, Finland, Australia, Canada, Portugal, and Viet Nam. My goal has been to continue to deliver the most up-to-date guidance about emotionally surviving a pandemic, Fairy First Aid for: Quarantine Numbness ; The Unenchanted Fairy: Getting Along in Divided Times and Fae Book Stop: How “You” Doin?”; special projects featuring extraordinary Fairy artists and writers like Brian Froud and R.R. Tolkien: as well as The Naissene Fairy World Story about the epic struggle of Grizelda, a Fairy halfling; whose challenge to live in two-world’s presents a multitude of medieval mysticismwith medieval leader’s ethics and morals in crisis and an introduction to the Naissene Fairy World levels of creation,  and a historic fairy re-birthing, all captured in some of Facebook posts, articles, book reviews, movie reviews, and uplifting photos.

For nearly 6 months, and with some Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction— the Naissene Fairy World has been here for readers like you. I am grateful that you are my collaborators— building this Fairy Community of good will and basking in the Love and Light that promotes this Website, Facebook, and Pinterest pages.

Thank you Subscribers, for all your thoughtful comments and support throughout this past year. Sonora, the Hound, Aristotle, the Cat; and I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2021!

I am attaching some videos that have been inspirational; Lean on Me with John Legend, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers. Also the British Kingdom Choir singing, Amen, This Little Light of Mine and Stand By Me! Enjoy!

Love and Light in 2021, and don’t forget to “Let the Fairy Dust Fly!

Mary Cathleen Wilson The Naissene Fairy World

Did you know I’m actually a living, breathing person on the other side of these web, facebook, and email pages, one who wants to help people use their powerful imagination and explore their individual creativity? If you’ve got a quick question I can answer, don’t hesitate to hit reply anytime. Sign up below to receive future blogs in your enail!

Mary “Cathy” Wilson

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